Let us handle your CAD data vault setup,
configuration and training

To help our customers get their vaults up and running quickly we have developed some tools to aid in SOLIDWORKS Workgroup data packaging so that it can easily be migrated into PDM Standard or PDM Professional. These tools are developed from our combined industry experience with the goal of helping customers with all of their CAD data vaulting needs.

ACS Ready Capture

The ACS Ready Capture tool exports the latest version of your SOLIDWORKS Workgroup data, recreates your vault project structure in a windows format and updates all the SOLIDWORKS file references. These updated files and folders allow for easy import into a new vault system with little effort by you. For an even more robust CAD data structure we recommend combining ACS Ready Capture with our custom CAD training for your engineering team.

ACS Ready Vault

We have developed an efficient vault configuration specifically designed for the new SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault. The preconfigured settings, workflow and data cards within ACS Ready Vault allow for a quick and cost effective PDM Standard install and setup. The tool is designed to give our customers a thorough and efficient data vaulting system. Your new vault system and engineering team will be running quickly with the combination of ACS Ready Vault, ACS Ready Capture and our PDM Training.

ACS Ready Vault Pro

This robust vault configuration tool has been developed for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formerly EPDM). ACS Ready Vault Pro stores all preconfigured settings, workflows, data cards, tasks and more for a cost effective PDM Professional installation and setup. This tool was designed based off of our combined industry experience to allow a thorough and efficient engineering data vaulting system that can be up and running quickly. To build a more dynamic and fluid vaulting system we recommend combining ACS Ready Vault Pro, ACS Ready Capture and our custom PDM training for your engineering team.

To learn more information about how we have developed features
for the ACS Ready Vault (for PDM Standard) with Flatter Files, please refer to our chart below (view printer friendly version).

Let's get started!

ACS FlexNumber (Flexible Serial Number)

Add-in for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

The ACS-FlexNumber add-in for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional allows users to apply a Serial Number based on the value of a given variable. This gives PDM Professional customers the flexibility to use Serial Numbers beyond the limitations of PDM Professional. A PDM Pro data card can only have a Serial Number assigned to a variable and since you cannot have more than one card per file extension in a given folder you are limited to one Serial Number. Without the ACS-FlexNumber add-in the files would have to be contained in separate folders to have different serial numbers. Simple Setup: an Admin can install and configure in just a few minutes!

FlexNumber Example:

  • You have defined two Serial Numbers
    • M-[Counter-05] which is used for manufactured parts (Built radio button).
    • P-[Counter-05] which is used for purchased parts (Purchased radio button).

EX: You would like to insert a Serial Number into the Document Number Variable based on whether the value of the Part Type Variable is “Built” or “Purchased.”


FlexNumber Usage:

  • In the file data card, select the control associated with the Variable, in the example given select either the Purchased or Built radio buttons.
  • Click the “Assign Number” button on the data card.
  • The appropriate Serial Number value will be entered.



SOLIDWORKS Features Chart

PDM Standard
PDM Professional
Transition Actions Using Trigger √ (Limited)
DraftSight Add-In
eDrawings Preview
CAD Editor Client
Contributor Client
Viewer Client
Notifications – PDM Inbox (Database)
Notifications – Email (SMTP) Using Trigger New Revisionsvia Flatter Files
SQL Express Support
(1GB RAM & 10GB data)
SQL Standard Support
Integrated Search Tool
Dedicated Search Tool
Multi-Site Replication
Search Favorites Search-criteria can be
stored locally
Content Search (Indexing)
Multi-Document Preview PDF, DWG, DXF
External Viewer Integration via Flatter Files
Serial Numbers
Multiple Workflows 1 Workflow Limited to 1
Workflow States √ (no limitations) Limited to 10
Parallel Approvals
Offline Mode √ (files stored locally)
Active Directory and LDAP Login via Flatter Files
Report Generator √ (manually)
Revision Schemes limited to 3
(+temporary working-revision)
Limited to 2
File Categories
Version Labels
Data Card Input Formula
Named Bill of Materials
Paste Shared Links
Menu and Toolbar Customization
Version Free Variables
SW Electrical Integration
AutoCAD Add-In
Inventor Add-In
Pro/E Connector
Solid Edge File Support
eDrawings Professional
Office Add-In
Automated Tasks Using Trigger or Task-Sceduler
Automated Data Import/Export PDF Generator,
export using Task-Scheduler
PDF and Generic CAD
via Flatter Files
Custom Add-In Support
Item Support
Web Client via Flatter Files
Workload for cleanup
and/or managing local files
High Low Low
Recommended Number of Users 2-10 Up to 10 5-100